What Is On A Reflexology Foot Map

Reflexology has been known to contribute to the treatment of most illnesses by relieving tension and stress. Medical science has also claimed internal organ failures and other kinds of illnesses are often stress related. So how does reflexology work?

Reflexology uses a map of the hands and feet, the map indicates the body parts and the organs to which the hands and feet points represent. In most reflexology practices the feet are primarily used for the pressure points, though the map for the hands are also useful for those who would like to perform reflexology on themselves.

In a nutshell, the foot map would read like this: the toes would represent the head, the chest and heart represented by the soles of the feet, liver and pancreas in the arch of the feet and the lower back represented by the ball of the foot.

For a more defined explanation on the feet, the tips of the toes represent the brain and the head. So if you find yourself experiencing a headache just put enough pressure on this area for about five minutes or more. The area below the tips of the toes represents the face and sinus; this is especially useful for people who are prone to sinuses and colds. Pressing this area will help relieve a swollen sinus and unclog the nose. The stem of the toes represent the brain, neck and the brain stem. This is the best area to press when you feel strain on your neck due to a prolonged sitting position especially in front of a computer or on an uneven backrest.

The center of the back of the big toe represents the pituitary gland. It can help relieve pituitary disorders and hasten therapy, although your doctor should have specifically diagnosed you with that specific problem. Directly below that point, on the stem of the big toe is the area where the parathyroid and thyroid glands are represented. Put enough pressure on this area to relieve thyroid and parathyroid problems such as metabolism issues. It is also important to get the doctor's diagnoses before making up your own therapies and lose precious time pressing the wrong points.

The thin line just below the stem of the toes lays the area where the tops of the shoulders are represented and pressing this area will also help relieve strain. The side arc of the foot represents the entire length of the spine. Backache caused by high heels and uneven soles can be relieved by pressing the arc or rolling a massager on it.

From a quarter of the feet's structure, you can actually help yourself be relieved from additional pain and stress on your upper body parts by applying pressure. Studies have shown that reflexology has no medically proven curative properties, but then, reflexology is not about curing but about providing ease from tension and stress by allowing the blood to circulate properly. The feet are composed of several nerve endings and 'waking up' these nerves will help push the blood back on its track.


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